Gilford Landscape has been doing landscaping/planting projects for over 15 years. Our experience and expertise is second to none. It is important to have a proper understanding as to the plants that thrive in our climate in order to get the most beauty out of your landscape project.

Understanding both sunlight conditions as well as the best watering techniques, we can provide a landscape plan that will not only create a beautiful landscape during the spring and summer, but create a layout that keeps your home looking great through the winter months as well.

Ornamental Landscape Plantings:
There is more to a beautiful landscape planting than just pretty flowers. Plants can also provide shade, buffer wind, diffuse noise, and screen undesirable views. When creating a landscape plan, our designers consider all site conditions to choose plants that will perform well while enhancing overall aesthetics. Contact us and find out how new landscape plantings, as well as hardscape designs, can improve your property.

Native Plantings:
Native plantings are those that have evolved to adapt to a specific, local environment and typically require less maintenance, pesticide treatments, and water than other non-native plantings. Install native plantings in just a portion of your landscape, or install exclusively native. Our landscape designers work with local suppliers to bring you the highest quality plant material. Contact us to learn how your landscape can benefit from native plantings.

Annual Flowers:
There is nothing in a landscape with more “pop” than a beautiful arrangement of brilliant annual flowers. Although annual flowers complete their life cycle in just one growing season, they contribute to the overall composition of a landscape with showy, season long color and blooms that typically last from spring until autumn frost. We offer garden landscaping services that cover every step of the process from design, to installation, to regular maintenance. Let our team take the stress out of this annual chore.

Seed and Sod Installation:
Perhaps you desire the instant gratification of a sod installation, or maybe you prefer to invest in the long-term integrity of a lawn grown from seed. Whether you are building a new home or just looking to revitalize and existing yard, we offer lawn care services to get your lawn looking lush and beautiful. Contact us  to learn who we can create the lawn that you have always wanted.

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